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Events & Activities

Indoor Games

  • 1.Carom
  • 2.Chess
  • 3.Chinese Checker

Out door Games

  • 1.Track & field
  • 2.Shot put
  • 3.Javelin
  • 4.Tug-of-war
  • 5.Long jump
  • 6.High jump
  • 7.Balance race
  • 8.Badminton
  • 9.Discuss throw
  • 10.Relay race


  • 1.Drama
  • 2.Debate
  • 3.Quiz
  • 4.Extempore Speech
  • 5.Kitchen Gardening
  • 6.Tree Plantation
  • 7.Cleaning drive
  • 8.Flower arrangement
  • 9.Story telling
  • 10.Cooking
  • 11.Go-As-You-Like
  • 12.Social gatherings such as :
    • (a) Fresher's Meet
    • (b) Parting Social
    • (c) Teacher's Day Celebration
    • (d) Pre-Christmas
    • (e) Celebration of National festivals
  • 13.Field Trips
  • 14.Practice Teaching in Schools
  • 15.Multi-Grade Teaching
  • 16.School Observation
  • 17.Case Study
  • 18.Preparation of Teaching Aids
  • 19.Action Research

Orientation Programmes/ Workshops Attended By DIET Lecturers during the Year 2017

  • Smt. S.N.Sangma, Sr.Grade Lecturer and Smt. P. Das, Sr. Grade Lecturer attended a 21 Day Refresher Course for Meghalaya Teacher Educators on “Transforming Teacher Education for Quality Teachers” organized w.e.f. 9th -28th January 2017, by the Directorate of Educational Research and Training (DERT) Shillong in Collaboration with Azim premji University Bangalore at DERT Shillong.
  • Smt. D.R.Marak, Sr.Grade Lecturer, Shri. M.Haque, Sr.Lecturer and J.M.R.Marak, Lecturer attended Programme on “Monitoring and Tracking of Programme Implementation” held w.e.f 26th – 27th April 2017 organised by RMSA, Directorate of School Education and Literacy (DSEL), Shillong.
  • Smt. Y.R.Marak, Principal i/c and Selection Grade Lecturer, Shri. C.R.Marak, Sr.Grade Lecturer, Smt. S.N.Sangma, Sr.Grade Lecturer, Smt. D.R.Marak, Sr.Grade Lecturer,Smt. P.Das, Sr.Grade Lecturer, Smt.T.Ch.Momin, Sr.Grade Lecturer,Shri.J.M.R.Marak, Lecturer and Smt. L.K.Sangma, Lecturer attended “Orientation Programme of the DIET faculty on the Revised D.El.Ed Curriculum” held w.e.f. 8th -12th May 2017 organised by the DERT in collaboration with the Central Institute of Education, (RRCEE) University of Delhi at Delhi University.
  • Ms. N.L.R.Marak, Lecturer and Ms. Iamynjurlang I.KA. Nongkling, Lecturer, attended Induction Training Programme organized by DERT in collaboration with Azim Premji University, Bangalore on Teachers Professional Development held w.e.f. 3rd -8th July, 2017 at DERT Shillong.


    • Child Studies
    • Educational Studies
    • Pedagogic Studies
    • Contemporary Studies

Functions of DIET

    • I Training And Orientation Of The Following Target Groups:
    • II Academic And Resources Support To The Elementary And Education System In The District By: