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Campus & Infrastructure

  • Land Area 2,41,785 sqm (15.7 acres)
  • Available land is on- ownership basis
  • Built –up area 971 sgmtr
  • Fire safety installation- installed
  • Hostel facilities separate for man and woman - available
  • Number of rooms available in the hostels- 16 male and 16 female

New Building

Principal’s Room (toilet attached) 1
Vice Principal’s Room (toilet attached) 1
Office Room 1
Head Assistant’s Room 1
Classroom 2
Lecturer’s Room 7
Library cum Reading Room 1
ICT Room 1
Science Laboratory 1
Multi Purpose Hall 1
Edusat Room 1
Visitors Room 1
Art & Resource Center 1
Multipurpose Play field 1
Common toilets 4
Common bathroom 4
Lecturers toilet 2


DIET Tura New Building

DIET Tura Principal's Room

DIET Tura Library

DIET Tura Class Room

DIET Tura Office

DIET Tura Computer Room

DIET Tura Lab

Hostel Buildings & Playground

DIET Tura Boys Hostel

DIET Tura Girls Hostel

DIET Tura Playgroung


    • Child Studies
    • Educational Studies
    • Pedagogic Studies
    • Contemporary Studies

Functions of DIET

    • I Training And Orientation Of The Following Target Groups:
    • II Academic And Resources Support To The Elementary And Education System In The District By: