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Non-teaching Staff


  • Number of Staff members in position
    • Total Academic staff:- 13
    • Total Administrative Staff:- 7
  • Details of Administrative Staff
Name of the Staff member Details Photos
Smt. Aruna Sangma Post: Head Assistant
Qualification: HSLC Passed
Date of appointment: 22-12-1980 (Govt. service)01-07-2015 (DIET Tura)
Nature of Appointment:Permanent
Smt. Aruna sangma
Shri Norton Jones Ch. Momin Post: Statistical Assistant
Qualification: MBA
Date of appointment: 13-11-2014
Nature of Appointment:Permanent
Shri. Norton Jones Momin
Smt. Cilla Ch. Marak Post: Accountant
Qualification: HSLC Passed
Date of appointment: 21-06-1989 (in Govt. service) 07-12-2015 (in DIET)
Nature of Appointment:Permanent
Smt. Cilla ch Marak
Shri. Brithaneal Ch. Momin Post: Library Assistant
Qualification: BA Passed
Date of appointment:
Nature of Appointment:Temporary
Shri. Brithaneal Ch. Momin
Smt. Morgina Momin Post: LD Assistant
Qualification: HSLC Passed
Date of appointment:06-04-2005
Nature of Appointment:Permanent
Smt. Morgina Momin
Shri Voter Momin Post: Office Peon
Qualification: PU Passed
Date of appointment:01-08-2005
Nature of Appointment:Permanent
Shri. Voter Momin
Shri Rockingham Marak Post: Peon
Qualification: SSLC Passed
Date of appointment:03-10-2016
Nature of Appointment:Permanent
Shri. Rockingham Marak


    • Child Studies
    • Educational Studies
    • Pedagogic Studies
    • Contemporary Studies

Functions of DIET

    • I Training And Orientation Of The Following Target Groups:
    • II Academic And Resources Support To The Elementary And Education System In The District By: