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Non-teaching Staff

GB Sangma

Name: Smt. Aruna sangma
Qualification: HSLC Passed
Date of Appointment:
22-12-1980 (Govt. service)
01-07-2015 (DIET Tura)

Post: Head Assistant

AR Marak

Name: Shri. Norton Jones Momin
Qualification: MBA
Date of Appointment

Post: Statistical Assistant

LD Shira

Name: Smt. Cilla ch Marak
Qualification: HSLC (passed)
Date of Appointment:
21-06-1989 (Govt. service
07-12-2015 (DIET)

Post: Accountant

MG Momin

Name: Shri. Brithaneal Ch Momin
Qualification: B.A. (passed)
Date of Appointment : Temporary

Post: Library Assistant


Name: Smt. Morgina Momin
Qualification: HSLC Passed
date of Appointment: 06-04-2005

Post: L.D. Assistant

RB Momin

Name: Shri. Voter Momin
Date of Appointment: 01-08-2005
Qualification: PU Passed

Post: Office Peon

SM Marak

Name: Shri. Darmen Ch Marak
Date of Appointment:
Qualification: SSLC Passed

Post: Office Peon

SM Marak

Name: Shri. Rockingham Marak
Date of Appointment: 03-10-2016
Qualification: SSLC Passed

Post: Chowkidar

Non-teaching staff who had contributed:

1. Smt. Smriti Ch.Momin (Retired Head Assistant)
2. Lt. Arkinson M.Momin (Retired Accountant)
3. Smt. Sanchi R. Marak (Resigned as Library Assistant)
4. Shri Lifter K. Marak (Resigned as Library Assistant)
5. Smt. Silvia Norris G. Momin (served as Head Assistant)
6. Smt. Lilla W. Momin (served as Accountant )